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Cooking In Season // Tomatoes

Summer is winding down which means tomato season is here. There is nothing quite like a fresh tomato ripe off the vine. There are literally hundreds of tomato varieties. The most common types of tomatoes in our area are Roma, Beefsteak, and Cherry or Grape tomatoes.

Roma tomatoes are great to eat by themselves or in a salad. They are fleshy and have few seeds. This kind of tomato makes a great tomato paste.

Beefsteak tomatoes are large and most used on sandwiches and in salads because of their size.

Cherry or Grape tomatoes make great snacks. They are low in moisture and work well when a recipe needs to sit for a period of time and you don’t want it to get too watery.

Since tomatoes are low in fat and sodium, cholesterol free, high in vitamin A and C, and a good source of potassium they make a great addition to any meal any time of the day.

For breakfast, try adding tomatoes to an omelet or chopped up in a breakfast burrito.

At lunch time, top your sandwich with a juicy slice from a beefsteak tomato or throw some cherry tomatoes on top of your green salad.

When it’s time for a snack try one of my favorites, chopped tomatoes and cucumbers served with cottage cheese.  Add a little salt and pepper and it’s a perfect snack!

At dinnertime try Fiesta Casserole for a hearty meal full of tomatoes and other healthy goodness.

How will you try tomatoes this season? Enjoy!

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