Create A Casserole, Homemade Spices and Dressings

Let’s Make ’em Mini // Mini Lasagna Cups

Although they may be mini, these lasagna cups pack a tasty punch.  They are quick and easy to make for a flavorful Italian style dinner.  Start by heating some olive oil in a skillet.  The recipe calls for Italian sausage links,  however, ground beef or ground turkey would make a great substitution.  If you choose… Continue reading Let’s Make ’em Mini // Mini Lasagna Cups

Create A Salad

Cooking in Season // Kiwifruit

To get your daily amount of vitamin C, what fruit do you reach for?  You might consider trying a kiwifruit.  A kiwi has more vitamin C than an equivalent amount of an orange!  It's bright green flesh speckled with tiny black seeds has a unique, sweet, tropical flavor reminiscent of a mixture of strawberries and… Continue reading Cooking in Season // Kiwifruit

Create A Casserole, Create Family Mealtime

Mealtime Matters // Chicken Creole

February is the month of love!  Why not make a goal to enjoy more meals with those you love by having family mealtime?  One of my favorite quotes about family mealtime says: “Dinner is where you put together the puzzle of the world and sometimes the puzzle of yourself. In the midst of all the… Continue reading Mealtime Matters // Chicken Creole