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Spice It Up! // Chicken Fajitas

chicken 2Have you ever tried making your own spices at home?  You may be thinking, “why would I do that when it’s so easy to buy them at the store?”.  Many spices you find on grocery store and market shelves are full of fillers, preservatives, and fake flavor enhancers.  Part of eating a whole foods diet is to eliminate or reduce these unnatural additives.   A whole food is a food as close to it’s original source as possible with minimal processing and refining.  A good way to put that in perspective is to compare a potato to a potato chip.  The potato is closer to the original source with no or minimal processing while a potato chip is highly processed.  When our diet consists mainly of whole foods we are eating a “whole foods diet”.  A whole foods diet is related to less chronic disease and obesity whereas a diet high in refined foods with added fats, sugar, and salt is related to increased chronic disease and obesity.  Whole foods are also full of fiber and water which aid in keeping your full and satisfied with fewer calories.   Making your own spices is so easy and is a great step in the direction of a whole foods diet.  To get started you’ll want to gather some supplies.  I suggest:

  • Single ingredient herbs and spices
  • Measuring spoons
  • Small bowls
  • Storage containers
  • Labels or tape and a permanent marker

Once your supplies are gathered, all you need to do is mix spices and herbs together for your desired flavor.  Mix them together in a small bowl and then transfer to a food grade storage container.  Use labels or masking tape and a permanent marker to label each container. Check out the recipes for seasoning blends below.

Pick one or two…or three or four and get started today!

You might also try making your own homemade fajita seasoning to make chicken fajitas. Enjoy!

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