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MyPlate Tips // Enjoy Your Food, But Eat Less

Food is meant to be enjoyed! The key is to find the balance between healthy foods, food indulgences, and portion sizes.  MyPlate offers 10 great tips to get you started.  By following these 10 tips you can strike a healthy balance.


One of the most important parts of eating less is understanding how much from each food group you should be eating each day.  When you know the recommended amounts, it’s easier to monitor portion sizes through out the day as you focus on getting the right servings from each food group.  Amounts vary based on age, sex, weight, height, and activity level.  Use the chart below as a general guideline and then visit the  to find recommendations specific to you.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.26.38 PM

What food will you enjoy today?


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