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MyPlate // Snack Tips for Parents

The excitement of back to school season is winding down. It is important that our health goals don't wind down as well.  Check out these snack tips from MyPlate.  It's not just about preparing healthy snacks for the kids.  These tips are great for any age!  One of my favorite quick and easy snacks is… Continue reading MyPlate // Snack Tips for Parents

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Weekly Menu Plan // What’s On Your List?

Did you see our Weekly Menu Plan blog post last month?  It talks about the steps you take to plan your dinner menu for the week using your local grocery store ads.  If you missed it, or just need a review, click here. Then come on back and see what I'm  planning this week!   Remember that… Continue reading Weekly Menu Plan // What’s On Your List?

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The Facts About Caffeine // Electrolyte Water

Some people may rely on caffeine for extra energy.  It is a stimulant of the nervous system and causes you to become more alert with a boost of energy.  Sounds good, right?  Along with that boost of energy come some negative side effects. Depending on the amount of caffeine you consume, one or more of the… Continue reading The Facts About Caffeine // Electrolyte Water