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Tis The Season // Scrumptious Strawberry Sherbet

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Do you want juicier tomatoes?  Sweeter strawberries?  More flavorful squash?  The key to juicier, sweeter, and more flavorful produce is to buy fruits and veggies “in season”.  Each fruit and vegetable has a growing season when they are considered to be at their peak of ripeness.  If you plan your meals using seasonal produce, you will have more flavorful meals plus save money on your grocery bill!

Fruits and Veggies More Matters provides a great list of produce for each season.  You can find it by clicking here

Another great reason to eat fruits and veggies in season is that it gives you an opportunity to buy produce grown close to home and to support your local economy and community.  Check out last weeks post to find a Farmers Market close to you.  When you buy food items that are grown close to home, you avoid produce that may have been stored and shipped on its journey to the grocery store.  Storage and shipping times often have an effect on the flavor and overall freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Strawberries are in season during the summer months.  It is a great time to mix them into your menu. I like to use them to make a fruity dessert to cool off on hot summer evenings.  Try this recipe for Scrumptious Strawberry Sherbet.

It calls for frozen strawberries.  A bag of frozen strawberries will do the trick, or if you have fresh on hand simply wash and trim them, and pop them into the freezer a few hours before you make your sherbet.  Enjoy!

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