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National Lasagna Day // Favorite Recipes

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Friday, August 29, 2016 is National Lasagna Day.  Mark you calendar and celebrate!  The right lasagna recipe can make for a delicious and nutritious meal.  Here are a five ways to boost the nutrition of any lasagna recipe:

  1.  Use Whole-Wheat Noodles – MyPlate recommends you make half your grains whole grains.  Using whole-wheat noodles in your lasagna helps you reach that goal.  For more information about whole grains vs. refined grains, click here.
  2. Add Some Veggies – We all know that veggies are a large part of a healthy diet.  Look for ways to sneak them into meals any way you can.  Add grated zucchini or chopped mushrooms to your pasta sauce, add a layer of zucchini or spinach to your lasagna, or serve with a large side salad.
  3. Go Easy On The Cheese – Lasagna recipes are famous for piling on the cheese.  Often times, lasagna can be just as tasty if you dial back the cheese.  Next time you make lasagna, try adding just half of what the recipe calls for.  Also, try using a cheese that is low in fat like parmesan or mozzarella.  Another great way to reduce the fat is by using cottage cheese instead of ricotta cheese.  Ricotta cheese has almost twice as much fat per serving as cottage cheese.
  4. Make It Lean – MyPlate recommends you choose lean sources or protein whenever you can.  Lean ground beef, ground turkey, and chicken are all great options for lasagna.  For more information on lean sources of protein, click here.
  5. Healthy Fats – When preparing your lasagna, be sure to use healthy fats.  Canola and olive oil are great choices.  If you like a little crunch with your lasagna, nuts can also make a great addition.  Check out the Easy Lite Lasagna recipe below to see how it uses nuts.

I’ve gathered favorite lasagna recipes from friends and family.  Which one will you try?  Come back and let me know your favorite.  Enjoy!

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