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Healthy Holidays // Apple Cranberry Crisp

Last Updated on September 9, 2022 by Create Better Health


The holidays are quickly approaching.  Is having a healthy holiday season on the top of your list?  You might be thinking, It’s the holidays.  What’s the big deal?  I can indulge just a little.  The problem doesn’t lie in indulging just a little.  A problem arises when our little indulgences become more and more frequent.  It all starts with Halloween.  With all that delicious candy lying around, how can you not indulge?  Before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving.  The average American eats 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day alone!  That’s more than twice the recommended daily calorie limit for most people.  It doesn’t end there.  Think about how many more celebrations you are likely to have over the course of the holiday season.  Sometimes there is a second Thanksgiving with another side of the family, followed by holiday office parties, neighborhood get-togethers, church gatherings, and family parties.  Christmas arrives and the celebration continues on through New Years.  It’s no wonder the average American gains 5-10 pounds during the holidays. Enjoy yourself this holiday season, but make healthy choices when you can.  Here are some great tips for making traditional holiday foods just a bit healthier.


Commit now to have a healthy holiday season.  To get started, try Apple Cranberry Crisp when you are in need of a dessert.  Enjoy!

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