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Put Some Health Into Your Work Day // Colorful Quesadillas

Do you feel like you are always eating on the go, or always eating away from home? Sometimes work schedules and family schedules keep us so busy that healthy eating doesn’t seem like a viable option amid the chaos.

People who work are spending more hours at work than ever before. This may lead to poor nutrition choices as people eat away from home more often. Furthermore, working long hours is only one side of a double edged sword. Less nutritious meals away from home paired with more hours sitting at a desk is a poor combination in terms of nutrition and health.

Quitting jobs and solely focusing on nutrition is not a realistic option for today’s working families. Thus, it is important to arm yourself with the proper tools to do the best you can when it comes to improving your nutrition. There is one simple, easy trick to ensure your day is nutritious. The trick is to plan ahead! If you haven’t planned for a nutritious day, you won’t have a nutritious day. It is that simple. Make the choice ahead of time.

Save or print the image below for ideas of what foods to keep on hand. Having these healthy food items in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer will make it easy to grab and go during your busy day. Pull items from your kitchen to throw together for a MyPlate Meal anytime.

One of my favorite quick and easy lunch or dinner ideas is Colorful Quesadillas.

At the beginning of the week, do some prep work. Grill the chicken, chop the peppers, grate the cheese, and make the cream cheese mixture. During the week, you will have an quick and easy lunch or dinner to pack for your work day. Enjoy!

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