Create A Slow Cooker Meal

Slow Cooker Saves Dinner // Paprika Chicken

Spring is in full swing! Although I love the cool spring air and hint of carefree summer nights to come, spring has a dark side. With spring often comes busier schedules and the rush of finishing deadlines and projects before the summer months hit. This can lead to family mealtime falling to pieces. Because family mealtime has so many benefits (read more about it here), it is important to stay on top of your mealtime game as you sprint your way through spring. One sure fire trick that keeps me on track is bringing out my slow cooker as a dinnertime staple. With a few quick changes, many family favorite recipes can be easily converted to a slow cooker recipe. Check out the tips and cooking times chart below. 

One of my favorite slow cooker recipe is Paprika Chicken. Check it out!

Click here for more slow cooker recipes. Enjoy!

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