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As we celebrate Utah Family Meals Month, it is a good time to think about being active as a family. Good nutrition and physical activity go hand in hand for a healthy lifestyle!

The whole family can benefit from getting enough exercise. For parents, it can lead to stronger marriages and increased motivation. Couples who are active together tend to be happier, communicate better, and relieve excess stress. Taking steps toward being a physically active family can also help adults stay motivated as a role model for their kids. When kids exercise regularly, you are likely to see a positive attitude towards being active, healthy development, and academic success.

To avoid over exercising or under exercising, it is important to note how much exercise is recommended for each age group. Kids, ages 6-17, need 60 or more minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each week. They also want to include bone and muscle strengthening 3 times a week. Adults, ages 18-64, need one hour and 15 minutes of vigorous activity each week and at least 5 hours of moderate activity. Strength training should be included at least 2 times a week. Visit for to learn more about these recommendations.

So what are you waiting for? Consider these quick tips to boost your families physical activity routine:

  1. Start small. Not all exercise has to be a marathon. A game of tag in the yard will do.
  2. Make it a priority. Put it on your to do list or your chore chart to ensure it gets competed.
  3. Motivate each other. Set a family goal with a reward when you accomplish it.
  4. Explore your community. Find out what activities are available in your area. Walking trails, family friendly parks, and local recreation centers are good places to start.
  5. Track your progress. As you set and accomplish goals, take a minute to evaluate how far you’ve come as a family.

Check out this list of activities if you’re stumped on what to do.

You can find more information on creating an active lifestyle by clicking here.

My favorite part of physical activity is refueling my body afterwards! Try Southwest Guacamole with your family. Serve with with homemade tortilla chips. Enjoy!






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