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It’s The Final Count Down // Zucchini Enchiladas

We are in the final stretch! It’s the last quarter of our journey to create better health in 2017. Just a few things left to do on our 52 weeks to better health challenge. If you have been following along all year, or are just joining us, great job! You have taken a step toward better health. Let’s finish the year strong. It’s all about focusing on one small change each week. Overtime, these small changes in behavior can become a new lifestyle and make you more aware of your nutrition and health. Bookmark or pin this blog post. Revisit each week to keep yourself on track. Below is a checklist you can print off to keep yourself accountable.

Week Forty – October 1 – 7 

Get back on track with menu planning. Menu planning is the real key to success when it comes to healthy eating. If you are new to menu planning, or have slipped a little since the start of the year, now is a great time to recommit. Check out my latest posts about menu planning here and here.

Week Forty-One – October 8-14

Track your food and exercise. It is said that people often underestimate how much food they eat and overestimate their activity level. Tracking each bite of food that goes in your mouth and each minute of physical activity you do, will help you get a realistic picture of what is actually happening. After tracking this week you will be able to see where you want to make changes and set goals for the weeks to follow.  MyPlate offers a tracking program called Supertracker that you may find useful.

Week Forty-Two – October 15 – 21

Try a new veggie. Don’t get caught in a rut. Branch out and try something new. You might be surprised by what you like. Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes are all in season right now.

Week Forty-Three – October 22-28

Prepare a healthy halloween snack. Halloween is all about the treats! But it is important to find balance. Fill up on healthy foods first. Enjoy a treat after. You can find ideas for healthy halloween snacks by clicking here.

Week Forty-Four – October 29 – November 4

Swap treats for fruit. If your sweet tooth hits, try satisfying it with fruit before you indulge in sugar. That little bit of natural sweetness may be just what you body was looking for.

Week Forty-Five – November 5-11

Spend 30 minutes browsing Educating yourself about different nutrition topics will help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. is a wealth of information. Find a topic that interests you and learn something new.

Week Forty-Six – November 12-18

Plan a healthy Thanksgiving. Celebrate the holidays in a healthy way. My favorite tip for healthy eating during the holiday season is eat what you love and leave what you like. Find more tips here and here.

Week Forty-Seven – November 19-25

Try a new fruit. With less fresh produce available, it can be hard in winter months to eat enough fruit. Two a day is all you need. Be brave and add something new to your shopping list. Give clementines, kiwifruit, or pears a try.

Week Forty-Eight – November 26 – December 2

Focus on drinking enough water. Are you staying hydrated? The 8 glasses of water a day recommendation is a good starting point. The Mayo Clinic offers some tips on determining how much water you actually need. Click here to read about it.

Week Forty-Nine – December 3-9

Practice choosing healthy takeout options. It is harder to make nutritious food choices when you are not in charge of the ingredients. The good news is, you can still make healthy choices when eating out. Review the tips MyPlate has to offer.

Week Fifty – December 10-16

Try a new grain. Whole grains are an important part of MyPlate. If you are bored with the same old rice and pasta, branch out and be adventurous. Find information about all sorts of grains and how to cook them by clicking here.

Week Fifty-One – December 17-23

Practice smart shopping techniques. As you are out and about preparing for your holiday celebrations, make smart choices to keep your waist slim and your wallet fat. Read these smart shopping tips before you go.

Week Fifty-Two – December 23-31

Reflect on the past year and set new goals. Focus on all the good choices you made towards better health this year. Ponder areas that need a little work. Get a plan in place to have an even healthier 2018. Perhaps you will join me in my fruit and vegetable challenge! More info coming soon.

Now go eat something healthy! Zucchini Enchiladas are a fun and tasty choice. Enjoy!


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