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An Immune Booster // Fresh Orange Chicken

Last Updated on September 15, 2022 by Create Better Health

Oranges have a reputation for being healthy and delicious. It is a reputation that is well-deserved! Just one orange provides you with all the vitamin C you need for the day. They satisfy a sweet tooth in a healthy way and boost your immune system. Your body doesn’t make vitamin C so it is important to get it from the foods you eat.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy oranges. Don’t let yourself get bored with just one. If you like recipes with an Asian flair, try this Orange Chicken recipe.

The recipe calls for fresh orange juice and orange zest, which really takes the flavor up a notch.

Do you want even more? Then check out the Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Oranges from You can find links to the recipes mentioned, plus a few more of my favorites below. Enjoy!

Recipe and video links:


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