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The Facts About Caffeine // Popeye Smoothie

Last Updated on September 15, 2022 by Create Better Health

Many people rely on caffeine for increased energy and help staying alert. Caffeine may provide a quick fix for low energy or feeling sluggish, but not all side effects are positive. You may also experience jitteriness, increased anxiety, irritability, headaches, and stomach irritations. Read on below to get the facts about caffeine before you add it to your regular routine.

Next time you think about relying on caffeine for a quick fix, try exercising instead. Physical activity gives you a natural boost of energy. Click here to read about different ways to create an active lifestyle. Check back next week to learn about plyometric exercise and how to add it to your exercise routine.

You might also try a healthy smoothie in place of a caffeinated beverage.

 Popeye Smoothie is the perfect sweet treat sure to give you a little pick me up. Enjoy!




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