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Use Your Melon // Minty Melon Salad

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What’s your melon of choice? Honeydew melon is available in most grocery stores year round. It is a great option for a healthy snack or to add to a meal. Enjoy it fresh or cooked, on a kebab or in a salsa, with something sweet or something savory. There are many ways to prepare and serve honeydew. You really can’t go wrong! Check out the top ten ways to enjoy honeydew from Links to recipes and videos about honeydew are below.

Cold Honeydew-Lime Soup

Melon Salad with a Lime Twist

Honeydew Summer Salad Wedges


Selecting Honeydew Melon

Using Honeydew Melon

Have you ever thought to pair mint and bacon with sweet melon? It may sound like an odd combination, but it is delicious! Give Minty Melon Salad a try. Enjoy!

Candi Merritt

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