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The Simplest Of Ideas // Buffalo Chicken Bites

Summer in Utah means heat! When it is hot outside, it is hard to find motivation to cook. A picnic is the perfect solution. Whether you spread a blanket in the back yard, or take the kids to the park, a picnic can provide a healthy meal and some relaxation. The simplest of ideas can make a picnic meal. Meals don’t have to be complex or even follow a recipe. All you have to do is think about MyPlate and include foods from each food group. Feeling stuck? Here are some ideas to get you started:

See how easy it can be! For more tips on hosting the perfect picnic, click here. For ideas on keeping food safe this summer, click here.

One of my favorite things to create for a picnic is a wrap. They are easy to make, can be made ahead of time, and travel well. We tried Buffalo Chicken Bites at our last picnic and they were a hit.

Whip up a batch and pack them for your picnic. Leave them rolled up in a tortilla, like a wrap, or slice them to make them bite-sized. Enjoy!





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