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Create An Active Winter // Banana Bread Waffles

Last Updated on September 22, 2022 by Create Better Health

It can be challenging to be active during the winter months. Many people like to stay indoors. It may be cold and snowy, there is less sunlight, and it gets dark early. It can require a bit of creativity to maintain an active lifestyle. If you aren’t used to physical activity or haven’t been active in awhile, remember to ease into it. Every little bit of energy counts and adds up throughout the day, so find ways to move however you can. Most importantly, chose to be active doing things that you enjoy. Consider the tips below to keep yourself motivated and moving.

It is recommended that you consult with a healthcare provider to help you determine what physical activity goals are appropriate for you.

For tips on increasing physical activity, click here. For workout routines, click here. For ideas on being active as a family, click here.

Before you head out to embrace the season, you’ll want to fuel your body. Banana Bread Pancakes will do the trick!

Top them with fresh fruit, peanut butter, or other pancake toppings of your choice. Come on back and let me know how you liked them. Enjoy!

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