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Always In Season // Cream of Broccoli Soup

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Summer seems to be an easier time to include fresh produce in your diet. It looks bright and vibrant in the grocery store, the local farmers market has it in abundance, or maybe you have it growing in your own garden. It’s a bit more challenging to focus on fresh fruits and veggies during the winter months.

There is a misconception that frozen and canned produce are not as good for you as fresh. That’s not true! MyPlate tells us that a healthy eating style may include raw, cooked, fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables. Frozen produce is picked at it’s peak for ripeness and many nutrients are preserved through the freezing process. So when the fresh produce is lacking, grab a bag of frozen for dinner.

MyPlate shares with us Frozen Broccoli Five Ways.

As you can see, broccoli mixes well with different flavors and sauces, and can be used in different types of recipes. Frozen broccoli is convenient. No washing, trimming, or chopping is needed. Throw it in a soup, casserole, egg or pasta dish, and more. Click here to find the recipes pictured above.

I decided to give Cream of Broccoli Soup a try.

The picture from MyPlate above lists margarine as an ingredient in the soup. Margarine is a trans fat and should be removed from your diet if possible. The USDA has updated the recipe to use vegetable oil instead. Two tablespoons of butter or canola oil would also work well. The garlic, thyme, and bay leaves add just the right amount of flavor to the already delicious broccoli. I topped my soup with some shredded cheese and bacon crumbles for a little something extra. You could also try chopped red peppers or whole grain crackers as a topping or to expand your meal.

If you find yourself lagging behind on veggies this winter, grab a bag of frozen broccoli and see what you can do. Come on back and share your recipe successes with me. Enjoy!

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