Go Bananas // Grape Tasting Treat

We might be surviving the depths of winter, which makes it the perfect time to bring a little sunshine into the kitchen. Fun in the Sun Banana Split, Tropical Sunrise Parfait, and Boat Loads of Fruit are just a few tasty recipes from fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org. Bananas are in season all year long and can help you meet the recommended servings of fruit from MyPlate. Here are the Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Bananas.

(Find the recipes mentioned by clicking here.)

Not only are bananas delicious, they supply your body with potassium, a nutrient most American’s need more of. Get what your body needs and enjoy a healthy treat! I decided to try Grape Tasting Treat.

Eat Well Utah // Utah Food $ense // Create Better Health // SNAPEdworks

Eat Well Utah // Utah Food $ense // Create Better Health // SNAPEdworksThe recipe calls for kiwi. My grocery store didn’t have any in stock. They had a great sale on blackberries so I used those instead. The crisp grapes, juicy berries, and soft bananas were a great combo. The crunchy cereal on top was the perfect addition to finish of the treat. Enjoy!

Candi Merritt

Certified Nutrition Education Assistant

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