Create A Quick Bread, Create An Active Lifestyle

Physical Activity or Exercise? // Honey Wheat Muffins

Do you  know the difference between physical activity and exercise? Both of those terms are thrown around when it comes to health and wellness, but they are not the same thing. To put it simply, physical activity is using your body to move around. Examples of physical activity are walking, gardening, cleaning, etc. recommends that… Continue reading Physical Activity or Exercise? // Honey Wheat Muffins

Create A Quick Bread

Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Apricots // Cinnamon Apricot Bread

Apricot trees are some of the first to bloom in the spring. Some parts of Utah are already seeing spring blossoms. Other areas will soon follow. Before long, fresh, delicious, juicy apricots will be in season. Check out the Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Apricots from Find links to the recipes mentioned, plus a… Continue reading Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Apricots // Cinnamon Apricot Bread

Create A Skillet Meal

Media Free Meals // Apricot Chicken

Did you know that watching T.V. while you eat is a big deterrent to eating mindfully? Mindful eating is simply being aware of what you are putting in your mouth, paying attention to how it affects your body, feelings, and mind. (Read more about mindful eating by clicking here). The T.V. acts as a distraction. After a… Continue reading Media Free Meals // Apricot Chicken

Create A Soup

Dinnertime Shortcuts // Spring Vegetable Soup

Does dinnertime feel like a total scramble? Are you left grasping for straws, wondering what you'll cook? What if I told you that there is an easier way? Dinner doesn't have to be complicated to be delicious and healthy. Check out these five dinnertime shortcuts to simplify your life, and prepare healthy meals for your… Continue reading Dinnertime Shortcuts // Spring Vegetable Soup