Create A Fruity Dessert

Create A Fruity Dessert and Enjoy It, too! // Peach Overnight Oatmeal

Dessert often gets a bad wrap. Not all desserts are created equal. When prepared in the right way, dessert can be a healthy part of your weekly meal plan. To create a fruity dessert, limit added sugar and pile it high with fruit. Use the guide below to create your own fruity dessert.

Overnight Oats is another great way to create a fruity dessert.

Sometime before dinner, whip up a few batches. Stick them in the  fridge. Enjoy half of them as your after dinner dessert or bedtime snack. Save the other half for a quick breakfast the next morning.

Whether it is a fresh fruit bowl, a crumble made with healthy, whole-grain oats, or a parfait with low-fat yogurt and nuts, create a fruity dessert and enjoy it, too!

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