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Cantaloupe – Anything, but sad! // Top Ten Ways to Enjoy

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What do you call a sad cantaloupe? Melon-choly. Cantaloupe is anything but sad! It is a delicious fruit full of nutrients, perfect to add to your summer menus.

Do you know how to pick the perfect cantaloupe? First, take a look at the rind – the spot where the stem was attached. The rind should be golden, not green. Cantaloupe continues to ripen after it is harvested, so you want a melon that is still firm and not too soft. If it is too soft, it is likely over ripe. Last but not least, give cantaloupe a good sniff at the rind. A ripe cantaloupe will have a sweet smell. Once you get your cantaloupe home, you can leave it on the countertop for a few days to fully ripen.

With a deliciously ripe cantaloupe on hand, you’re ready to put it to good use. Check out these Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Cantaloupe from You’ll find links to the recipes mentioned, plus a few more of my favorites, at the end of this post.

With a few simple ingredients you can whip up a cantaloupe salad.

This recipe mixes sweet and savory flavors. You could try mint instead of basil. Italian seasoning is another great substitute. Experiment and mix it up with flavors that make you happy. Enjoy!


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