One Healthy Thing // Winter Cranberry Salad

Do you have a goal to create better health this holiday season? This year presents a unique opportunity to do just that. Limiting social gatherings based on COVID-19 recommendations from the CDC may put a damper on the festivities, but it doesn’t have to spoil the holidays completely. This holiday season I challenge you to do one healthy thing each day. Setting goals and achieving them gives a sense of pride and a feeling of satisfaction. These positive feelings may be just what you need right now. Choosing one healthy thing each day will start you on a journey. Where you end up, is up to you!

Here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

  1. Drink water with every meal.
  2. Eat a green salad.
  3. Walk for 30 minutes.
  4. Eat an apple a day.
  5. Use whole wheat bread instead of white.
  6. Serve your meals on a smaller plate to help practice portion control.
  7. Eat vegetables every day with dinner.
  8. Make sure your dessert includes a fruit.
  9. Use herbs and spices instead of salt to flavor your meals.
  10. Pack your lunch each day instead of eating out.

Pick one thing to do today. Do it again tomorrow, the next day, and so on. Soon it will become a habit. When that happens, you are ready to choose another. Over time, the simple choice to do one healthy thing will have helped you create a healthy lifestyle. The joy you feel from accomplishing a goal, will be the gift that keeps on giving.

If eating a salad everyday is your one simple thing, you’ll need a new recipe to try. Winter Cranberry Salad is perfect for this time of year.

I paired the salad with a Honey Mustard Vinaigrette dressing.

Mandarin oranges and dried cranberries give the salad a festive feel. If you want to switch things up, you can use apples and pomegranate arils instead. You can also switch up the dressing. Try Poppyseed Vinaigrette.

Start the holiday season off right. Do one healthy thing each day and see where your journey takes you. Enjoy!

Candi Merritt

Certified Nutrition Education Assistant



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