Understanding The Facts // Rainbow Wraps

Has your daily routine been altered due to COVID-19? Has it changed the way you eat? Many people are stocking up on packaged foods and cooking more from home. If your eating style has changed, it is a good time to look for ways to eat more healthy. The Nutrition Facts Label is a great tool to help you make informed food choices. You’ve probably noticed it on the food packaging, and may even use it in some way already. The more familiar you are with the Nutrition Facts Label, the more you can use it to plan healthy meals for your family. Read on below to become more familiar with each section of the label.

Click here for an interactive Nutrition Facts Label that lets you explore each of the sections more fully.

Practice what you learned above by making Rainbow Wraps.

As you shop for ingredients, compare food labels and choose the product with less sodium and cholesterol and lower amounts of saturated and trans fat. Once you practice a time or two, you’ll be an expert at reading food labels!

The recipe calls for hummus and Green Goddess salad dressing. You can compare food labels and buy the healthiest version you can find, or you can try making them from scratch. See the recipes below. Enjoy!

Candi Merritt

Certified Nutrition Education Assistant

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