Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Blackberries // Blackberry Lemon Muffins

What are your favorite kinds of berries? Did blackberries make the cut? They are in season June through August. Now is the time to give them a try. When selecting blackberries, look for those that are plump, soft, and dull black in color. If you find yourself with a batch of blackberries that have a tart or sour flavor, they were most likely harvested too early. When allowed to fully ripen, blackberries will be sweet. Once you’ve picked up some blackberries at the grocery store or local farmers market, give one of the Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Blackberries a try.

Another great way to use blackberries is in muffins. I made Blackberry Lemon Muffins and they are tasty!

Berry Good Milkshakes

Blackberry Lemon Scones

Blackberry Lemon Yogurt Pops

Out of This Whirled Shake

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