22 Tips for 2022 // What Will You Do In 2022?

Last Updated on September 22, 2022 by Create Better Health

Many of us set goals this time of year. How will you create a healthy lifestyle in 2022? Small changes over time lead to healthier habits and behaviors, and a healthier you! We’ve compiled our best tips below. Decide which change you will make to create better health.

  1. Set Goals – It’s the New Year! Have you chosen your resolutions? Consider taking a less is more approach with your nutrition and physical activity goals this time of year. Read: Twelve Months to a Healthier You.
  2. Sign Up For a Nutrition Class – Did you know we have a brand-new, self-paced online course? Find out more here.
  3. Plan Your Menus – Follow our easy menu planning tips to reduce mealtime mayhem. Read: Reduce Mealtime Mayhem // Two Week Sample Menu.
  4. Stock Your Pantry Like a Pro – Keeping a well-stocked pantry is essential for creating delicious and healthy meals that won’t break the bank. Learn the best items to stock up on by clicking here.
  5. Learn How to Build a Workout Plan – With so many different types of exercises and workout plans, knowing the most effective way to exercise can be confusing. Click here to learn how to build a workout plan for yourself.
  6. Simplify Your Kitchen – A little organization in the kitchen will help make dinnertime a breeze. Read: Simplify Your Kitchen.
  7. Cook Once, Eat Twice – A head start on dinner makes mealtime more pleasant and less of a burden. You can put a healthy meal on the table quickly, with a little planning. Read: Cook Once, Eat Twice // A Week’s Worth or Recipes.
  8. Turn Off the Tube – Have you thought about the relationship between TV and your nutrition. Click here to learn how it affects you and your children.
  9. Learn About Portion Sizes – Did you know that a portion size and a serving size are not the same thing? When we are wise about portion size, we can better fuel our bodies in the way they need to be fueled. Read: Be Wise About Portion Size.
  10. Eat Right When Money’s Tight – Most of us have had times in our life when money is tight. For many families the first place to cut back is the food budget. Even in hard times it is important to eat healthy. Read: Eat Right When Money’s Tight.
  11. Use Healthy Fats – Not all fats are created equal. To find out which type of fat belongs in a healthy diet, read The Skinny on Fats.
  12. Halt the Salt – Salt, also known as sodium, tends to get a bad rap in the nutrition world. Your body actually needs salt. The problem is that most people get much more than they need. To find out how to use salt in a healthy way, click here.
  13. Practice Mindful Eating – One of the best ways to stay on track is by eating mindfully. Mindful eating is simply being aware of what you are putting in your mouth and paying attention to how it affects your body, feelings, and mind. Read: Are You Being Mindful.
  14. Try New Recipes – New, healthy recipes make cooking at home more fun. Try out some of our favorites by downloading one of our free cookbooks.
  15. Drink More Water – Getting enough water is a crucial part of keeping your body healthy and functioning correctly. Did you know that your water needs can be met by more than just fluids? Click here to learn more.
  16. Make Mealtime Fun – Get a little silly with your family with one of our table game suggestions. Find them here.
  17. Eat Better On a Budget – Healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank. MyPlate shares 10 tips to save on healthy foods. Click here to learn more.
  18. Consider a Fitness Refresh – You don’t need to be a fitness or nutrition guru to create a healthy lifestyle. Take one small step at a time. Read: Fitness Refresh
  19. Make Menu Planning Fun Again – Liven up your family mealtimes with themed dinners. Click here for Mozzarella Monday, Waffle Wednesday, Souper Saturday, and other theme dinner ideas.
  20. Eat Healthy on the Go – It is possible to have healthy, balanced meals even when you are busy. Rather than focusing on “home-cooked” meals, enjoy a balanced diet with “home-prepared” meals. Read: Balanced Meals on the Go.
  21. Learn About Food Labels – The Nutrition Facts Label is a great tool to help you make informed food choices. Click here to learn how to navigate your way through a food label.
  22. Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter – For our latest blog posts and healthy recipe ideas, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

What will you do in 2022? Commit to one small change today. Enjoy!

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