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Give Papaya A Go! // Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Papaya

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Create Better Health

Are you craving locally grown fresh fruits and veggies? We have a few more months before our local farmers will be ready with their harvest. In the meantime, give papaya a go! Although Papayas are native to Central America, they are available in the U.S. year-round. Like many fruits, papaya is fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, and high in vitamins and minerals. Papaya is sweet enough to enjoy on its own or use it to liven up a recipe. Check out the Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Papaya from You’ll find links to our favorite recipes below.

When selecting a papaya from the grocery store, you might see them labeled Hawaiian or Mexican. Hawaiian papayas have a bright, yellow-orange flesh and tender green-yellow skin. Mexican papayas are less sweet than their Hawaiian counterpart and have a more green tint to their skin. Either type is delicious! Look for one that is firm with some yellow streaks and free of blemishes. You can keep papaya at room temperature for 2-3 days to let them ripen.

Leave a comment letting us know your favorite papaya recipe. Enjoy!

Papaya Recipes

Batido Smoothie

Fruit Salad with Jicama

Papaya Banana Smoothie

Papaya Boats

Pico de Gallo Fruit Salad

Tongan Fruit Salad

Tropical Fruit Plate

Tropical Fruit Platter


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