A Grateful Thanksgiving // What are you grateful for?

Last Updated on June 23, 2023 by Create Better Health

Happy Thanksgiving! This time of year always makes me feel so grateful for what I have.   

I decided to enlist the help of the wonderful Create Better Health ambassadors, supervisors, and State Office to see what they are thankful for this year, and hope that you will be able to make a list, as well.   

Brian (State Office): “I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained from being introduced to this program.”  

Lea (State Office): “I am grateful to be inspired daily by a team of people who genuinely care about their communities and are working every day to empower others to live a healthy life no matter what their background and current circumstances may be.”  

Kristi (State Office): “I am grateful for the people I work with. I love to see all the good they do in their community.”  

Randi (Ambassador in Beaver County): “I am grateful that I get to help people and make a difference in people’s lives. I am also grateful that I get to help children understand how to make healthier choices in their lives.”  

Alayna (Ambassador in Weber County): “I am grateful for the chance to connect with the community in meaningful ways and learn how I can personally make more healthy choices as well as encourage others to do the same.”   

Cara (Ambassador in Uintah County): “I am grateful for the opportunity to teach Create Better Health and Captain Create classes throughout my community!”  

Mary Anna (Ambassador in Millard County): “I am grateful for the many wonderful people I meet through my job. There are many wonderful employees of Create Better Health who I learn from. One training that affected me for the better this past year was to have a Growth Mindset in the things we do and learn. I also work with many wonderful people in my community. Some are partnerships, others are those who attend my classes. I love the connections I make with others in this job and am thankful for it.”  

Melanie (Supervisor in Wayne County): “I am grateful I can smell and taste yummy food!”  

Brittney (State Office): “I am grateful for the opportunity I have to impact access to healthy food in Utah, for those in need.”  

Kelsey (Ambassador in Cache County): “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with local food pantries and help everyone have access to healthy foods.”  

Catherine (Supervisor in Grand County): “I am thankful for community partners that enable me to teach nutrition education to school-age children.”  

Barbra (Ambassador in Emery County): “I am thankful for the opportunity to get to make new friends and, hopefully, help them to learn new habits and skills through my work with CBH.”  

Cheryl (Ambassador in Washington County): “I am grateful for all of the great Partnerships I have within Washington County.”  

Kayla (Ambassador in Weber County): “I am grateful for the opportunity to strengthen my local community through delicious accessible nutritious food!”  

Michelle (Ambassador in Box Elder County): “I am grateful I can apply the Create Better Health Principles to my personal life. They have helped me live a healthier life and save money.”

Anny (Ambassador in Cache County): “I’m grateful this year for the opportunity that I have to teach CBH en Español in person again, I have met some wonderful people and I have enjoyed to teach and to learn from them many things that can help us to live a healthier lifestyle.”

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