Happy Thanksgiving! // Leftovers

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There are so many recipes to avoid wasting any Thanksgiving leftovers – make sure to check them out!  

Leftoverpallooza I  

Leftoverpallooza II  

Mashed Potato Turkey Bites  

Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole  

Turkey Stew / Estofado de Pavo   

Turkey Tostadas / Tostadas de Pavo   

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas / Quesadillas de Frijol Negro y Batata   

Broccoli Potato Soup / Sopa de Brócoli y Papa   

Sweet Potato Hash with Egg / Guiso de Camote con Huevo  

Eve’s Tasty Turkey Tetrazzini / El Sabroso Pavo Tetrazzini de Eve  

Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce / Budín de Pan con Salsa de Vainilla   

Pumpkin Chili / Chili de calabaza  

Turkey Pumpkin Chili / Chili con Pavo y Calabaza   

Turkey Cranberry Quesadilla / Quesadilla de Pavo y Arándano Rojo    

The USDA shares tips to ensure your leftovers stay safe to eat.  

  • Remember the Two-Hour Rule: Refrigerate perishable items within two hours of coming out of the oven or refrigerator. After two hours, perishable food enters the “danger zone” (between 40 F and 140 F), where bacteria can multiply quickly and cause food to become unsafe. Perishable food should be discarded if left out for longer than two hours, so refrigerate or freeze items to prevent food waste.  
  • Use Shallow Containers: After you breakdown, your Thanksgiving meal into smaller portions, store leftover food in shallow containers in the refrigerator until the Monday after Thanksgiving, or in the freezer for later use.  
  • Freeze or Consume Within Four Days: Use the Monday after Thanksgiving as a reminder that it is the last day you can safely eat leftovers. If you want to keep leftovers longer, freeze them within those four days. Frozen food stays safe indefinitely, though the quality may decrease over time (best quality if eaten within six months).  
  • Reheat to 165 F: Make sure your reheated leftovers reach 165 F as measured with a food thermometer. Reheat sauces, soups, and gravies safely by bringing them to a rolling boil.  
  • Microwave Food Safely: When reheating in the microwave, cover and rotate the food for even heating. Arrange food items evenly in a covered microwave-safe glass or ceramic dish and add some liquid, if needed. Because microwaves have cold spots, check the internal temperature of the food in several places with a food thermometer after allowing a resting time. 


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