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Create Better Health Online Course

Last Updated on April 10, 2023 by Create Better Health

Create Better Health Online Course Preview

Create Better Health Online Course

The Create Better Health (SNAP-Ed) Online Course is a free 8-lesson video-based course that will help you learn how to eat well and be active on a budget! You can move through the material as fast or as slow as you’d like.

Some topics covered include details of the MyPlate food groups and their role in a healthy meal plan, tips for menu planning, helpful ways to stretch a food budget, how to use a nutrition fact label to choose healthier food options and easy ways to eat more fruits and vegetables.  

The course will also cover the benefits of physical activity and simple ways to create an active lifestyle. There are many simple, can-do tips that can help your family adopt a healthier lifestyle while stretching your food dollars. 

Create Better Health Online Course Topics include: 

  • How to make healthy choices from all 5 MyPlate food groups. 
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping tips to stretch your food dollar. 
  • How to use foods you already have in your kitchen to create healthy meals. 
  • Using the nutrition facts label to make informed food choices. 
  • Food safety tips and tricks. 
  • Healthy eating patterns for all budgets. 
  • How to overcome barriers to being physically active. 

Lessons include additional handouts and a variety of recipes available for download. Beyond simple tips for living a healthy lifestyle, a signature piece of Create Better Health is the meal idea and recipe handouts using a Create formula. This formula will show the basics of making a certain kind of meal such as Create a Soup, Create a Skillet Meal, and many more. The Create formula can be used to prepare meals based on foods on hand to save money or to make substitutions in recipes based on preferences. 

Once you’ve completed the series you will have more knowledge and skills to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

The course was developed by the Utah State University Extension Create Better Health (SNAP-Ed) program based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, MyPlate, and the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. 


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