Physical Activity, Your Choice, Your Move

Overcome your Physical Activity Obstacles // Your Choice, Your Move 

Overcome your Physical Activity Obstacles // Your Choice, Your Move 

Life is busy. You will always have obstacles or something stopping you from being physically active. Identifying these obstacles is key to overcoming them. Here are some common obstacles and some ways to troubleshoot them. 

I have no time. 

Spend a week identifying 20 minutes per day that you could carve out time to be physically active. The time you find may not be a typical time people are physically active. It could be 20 minutes of your lunch break or walking 10 minutes before work and 10 minutes after work around the building. It’s okay to have a non-typical physical activity routine.= 

A common way to etch time into your schedule is ditching screen time before bed or right when you wake up and moving your body instead.  

I am too tired or don’t have the motivation 

When do you have the most energy? Do you know? If you don’t know spend time getting to know your body and its energy levels throughout the day. Keep a journal to help you and then schedule 20 minutes per day on the calendar to move your body during that time. If you can’t identify a time that you have energy look at your sleep patterns and start there.  

It costs too much and I don’t have the equipment 

It doesn’t have to cost you a dime! You don’t need a gym membership or even equipment to be physically active. You can do simple everyday things to get your physical activity in. Walking, household chores, or yard work can add up. If you do have access to the internet there are hundreds of free at-home, no-equipment workouts.  

I don’t have child-care 

Involve your children in your physical activity! They can walk or play physically active games with you such as tag, capture the flag, or red light, green light. Dance parties or aerobic videos online tend to be a hit. If you prefer to work out alone, find a friend you trust to swap babysitting with.  

I don’t know how to work out or how to do it safely 

There are countless videos online showing you exactly how to perform physical activities and how to perform them safely. From how many jumping jacks you should do to how to lift a heavy weight. You can find it all. If you don’t have access to internet at home take a notebook and pen to the library to take some notes while you watch how-to videos. There are also free apps for your phone if that is an option. 

I don’t like being physically active alone 

Many people prefer the support of a companion while being physically active. If family members and friends aren’t interested ask your co-workers at work! You might be surprised at who is willing to spend their lunch break walking around the office or block. Try switching things up and offering to do something they enjoy one day and something you enjoy the next.  

Decide what obstacles are hindering your physical activity the most and make a plan!  

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