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Summer Hydration // Popeye Smoothie

Last Updated on July 12, 2023 by Create Better Health

As summer temperatures are rising, we may find ourselves sweating more, thirsty, and sluggish. These can be signs of mild dehydration. Heat can bring summer fun, but it can also be a lot for our bodies to handle. One way we can combat the heat and the effects on our bodies is to focus on hydration. USU extension wrote THIS article all about hydration. Here are some highlights from the article.  

Level of physical activity:

When you engage in physical activity in high temperatures, you will sweat more than usual. Make sure to drink plenty of water after and during exercise to combat dehydration. Even if you are not “working out”, things like yard work or riding a bicycle to and from work can cause excessive sweating.  

Drink Liquids:

Drink plenty of water and other liquids. Water is the best source, because it is available, low cost, and has no added sugar and dyes, but fruit juices and milk also contain water. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids.

Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine is a natural diuretic, which means that it can cause urination more frequently. Caffienated beverages can cause dehydration because they encourage water to leave the body. So while these drinks may be refreshing, it is best that they are not consumed.  

Eat foods with high water content:

Water can be taken in from foods that are high in fluids. A good rule of thumb is the juicer the fruit and vegetable, the more water they contain. Making an effort to include those fruits and vegetables in your diet, as well as drinking plenty of water can help to combat dehydration.  

Smoothies can be a great way to get more fruits and vegetables, and can be something cool to drink that doesn’t have any added sugars or caffeine. Try this classic Popeye smoothie to beat the heat! As a bonus, you can freeze it into ice cube trays or popsicle molds to make a healthy frozen treat.  

green smoothie with berries
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