Cook Once, Eat Twice – Ambassador Ideas

Roasted root veggies can be puréed with chicken or veggie broth and a little cream stirred in at the end for a side dish one night and main dish the next day. When making meatballs always make extra. Also don’t take the time to cook in skillet. Use a cookie scoop and put on baking sheet and bake them. So much healthier and faster. If you are going to make lasagna from scratch double the sauce and noodles and layer two pans, one for now and one for the freezer. – Laura Streeter, Salt Lake County

Batch cooking proteins is so easy for the cook once eat twice method. Pork roast, then pulled pork sandwiches.
Rice batch cooked for chicken fried rice and chicken tacos.
Ground beef seasoned with salt and pepper, then when used seasoned to taste(Italian seasoning, cumin, garlic) so many options… tacos, sloppy joes, spaghetti…. When I do baked potatoes I make double or triple. They then make easy potato salad or “home fries” sautéed with a little olive oil and onion. – Cara Murray, Uintah County

Baked potatoes, then potato salad or hash browns. Rice cook it up plain then use it as stir fry, breakfast cereal with cinnamon and milk, Spanish rice, Hawaiian Haystacks; boiled eggs for breakfast, egg salad, sliced on top of green salad, deviled eggs, potato salad with egg. A pot of beans, many many different recipes: ham and bean soup, chili, added to tacos, seven layer dip, beans and rice, burritos, added to other soups, awesome oatmeal cookies. Can also freeze and use later. When I think of foods to “cook once eat twice”, I usually do it with foods that take longer to cook and/or have more cost to prepare as for as the amount of power or gas. My philosophy is cook 2 or three times the amount needed to save on my cost for power and also on time in the kitchen. So fill the oven up with baked potatoes instead of just 3 or 4.- MaryAnna Henke, Millard County

Chili is a really good example of this method. Eat it once in a bowl with cheese and sour cream then heat it up again for baked potatoes or chili-mac! Or…chili dogs but that’s not nearly as healthy right? – Becky Egli, Box Elder County

I roast a chicken up and debone it. I then put small amounts into sandwich bags to make several meals for a person of one. I make through out the month chicken salad, chicken tacos, chicken soup, and pizza for one. If I have company for dinner or lunch, I pull out one or two more packages. I do the same for ground beef. It works out really well. – Laurie Bates, Juab County

I always make extra of everything I cook for dinner and portion out a serving or two for “meal prep” lunches before I even place it on the table for dinner. – Marcia Gertge, State Office