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National Lasagna Day // Favorite Recipes

Friday, August 29, 2016 is National Lasagna Day.  Mark you calendar and celebrate!  The right lasagna recipe can make for a delicious and nutritious meal.  Here are a five ways to boost the nutrition of any lasagna recipe:  Use Whole-Wheat Noodles - MyPlate recommends you make half your grains whole grains.  Using whole-wheat noodles in your… Continue reading National Lasagna Day // Favorite Recipes

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Let’s Make ’em Mini // Mini Lasagna Cups

Although they may be mini, these lasagna cups pack a tasty punch.  They are quick and easy to make for a flavorful Italian style dinner.  Start by heating some olive oil in a skillet.  The recipe calls for Italian sausage links,  however, ground beef or ground turkey would make a great substitution.  If you choose… Continue reading Let’s Make ’em Mini // Mini Lasagna Cups