Back to the Basics // Tilapia Salad

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to your nutrition goals? It may help to simplify and go back to the beginning. A solid foundation of the basics of nutrition is the best place to start. You can find everything you need at choosemyplate.org. With a solid understanding of the basics, your nutrition knowledge will… Continue reading Back to the Basics // Tilapia Salad

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Happy Hunting! // Ideas For Leftover Eggs

Easter weekend is upon us. Do you ever ask yourself, what will I ever do with all these leftover eggs? I found myself asking this question just this morning, as I dyed eggs with my kids. It seems such a waste to not use them up.  In preparation for the leftovers, I dug up some of my… Continue reading Happy Hunting! // Ideas For Leftover Eggs

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Money In Your Pocket With Menu Planning // Crockpot Chicken Recipes

What's for Dinner? How often does that question cross your mind? Imagine stepping into the kitchen at the end of the day with a plan already in place, and an answer to your question. Menu planning is the key to less stress at dinnertime, more money in your pocket, and more health in your diet. Check out… Continue reading Money In Your Pocket With Menu Planning // Crockpot Chicken Recipes

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Fun At The Table // Taco Salad

Family mealtime is a great time to get a little silly with your family.  Check out the table games below and decide how you'll make your meal fun tonight.  Enjoy! Wondering what to cook tonight?  Give Taco Salad a Try! Also, don't forget to download our free Family Mealtime Cookbook by clicking here.

Create A Skillet Meal

Let’s Create! // Huevos Rancheros Tacos

I think it is safe to say that tacos are high on my list of favorite foods. Today was my first time trying Huevos Rancheros Tacos. I can now add them to my list of favorite tacos! With whole grain, healthy protein, healthy fat, and veggies they are an easy to make, nutritious, and tasty… Continue reading Let’s Create! // Huevos Rancheros Tacos

Homemade Spices and Dressings

My Challenge to You // Homemade Taco Seasoning

Happy New Year!  This time of year often causes us to reflect on goals we would like to set for the upcoming year.  One goal I would like to challenge you to in 2015 is to eat less heavily processed foods. Processed foods can generally be referred to as foods that are packaged in boxes, cans,… Continue reading My Challenge to You // Homemade Taco Seasoning

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Recipe Demonstration // Veggie Quesadillas

Who likes quesadillas? Don't we all? Quesadillas don't have to be just tortillas and cheese! You can add different ingredients to make them more filling and a complete meal. In this post, I'll show you how to make Veggie Quesadillas. It will give you some ideas to make your cooking more nutritious and flavorful! First, gather all… Continue reading Recipe Demonstration // Veggie Quesadillas